a (keen/deep) insight (into)


1. excellent understanding of sth, in-depth knowledge






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a keen/deep insight into the situation/circumstances/problem

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To have a keen or deep insight is to have a deep understanding or knowledge of a topic or subject. To be 'keen' means to like something or have an interest in it, or an aptitude for it: "He wrote about the struggles of the working class with keen insight." "The documentary will leave you with a deep insight into the struggles of the aboriginal community." These are formal phrases you will hear more commonly in educational or professional contexts.

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  1. This course is designed to give our students a keen insight into social problems in the world today.
  2. To be a good reporter, you need to convey a deep insight into your subject matter.

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  1. The analytics gave us a deep insight into the demographic of our users.
  2. Any start-up company should use market research in order to get an insight into their target market.

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