1. reduce sth to its constituent parts in order to interpret it






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deconstruct a text/myth

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To 'deconstruct' something means to take it apart and examine it in order to assess or understand it. This is a verb particularly used to talk about the written word or literature to say that certain parts of what is written can be interpreted in different ways. You can deconstruct an argument to examine how the different parts of it work or hold up to scrutiny. "I am here today to deconstruct the myth that women are earning the same as men." This is a verb more likely to be used in a political or academic environment.

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  1. The language students had to deconstruct the texts in order to understand them.
  2. The new documentary aimed to deconstruct the myth that ghosts exist.

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  1. We need time to deconstruct these new European guidelines and discuss how we are going to implement them in our work.
  2. These statistics look unremarkable until we deconstruct the buyer profiles. We discovered that when we looked more closely we have a niche we are not yet capitalising on. 

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