1. a particular point in time, a decision-making point






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important/significant/crucial juncture in life/career

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A 'juncture' is a place or moment where things join or a particular event in time. You can say:  'At this juncture, we cannot predict the outcome of the case' for example. You might say  "We have reached an important juncture in the talks." to refer to an important crossroads or point in time. "The performance intersects at the juncture of dance and theatre." This sentence would mean that the performance has elements of dance and theatre that cross over at different points. Similar in meaning to: at a crossroads.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Basic)

  1. Earning a promotion is an important juncture in someone's career.
  2. We will revisit your salary request at another juncture. I'm too busy to deal with it now.
  3. Now that the company is approaching a significant juncture, we need everyone to be extra diligent in their work.
  4. At a crucial juncture in their careers, everyone was working competitively to stay ahead of the game.

Check Icon Social Examples (Basic)

  1. We came to an important juncture in a relationship and decided to move in together.
  2. Starting school is a monumental juncture in a child's development.

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