crop up


1. appear or occur, especially unexpectedly






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a problem can crop up

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Something which 'crops up' appears suddenly and unexpectedly without warning. To 'crop' means to sprout and that is why we refer to many vegetables and grains as 'crops'. If something 'crops up', therefore, it can arise unexpectedly. This is usually used as a casual expression. You can use it as an excuse: "I am sorry I can't be there today. Something cropped up." Or you can address things which you feel have been ignored: "I'd like to draw your attention to a few things that cropped up while we were testing the product." This is a phrase that can be used in social and professional contexts.

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  1. I will be travelling to London soon as some new business opportunities have cropped up for me there recently.
  2. A number of problems with the second-hand laptop cropped up after we bought it, so we asked for a refund.
  3. I always feel like spring has arrived when I see the daffodils cropping up.

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  1. My boss had to leave the Christmas party early. He said some major problems had just cropped up that needed to be dealt with urgently.
  2. Let's take a look at the communication issues that cropped up for us during the project.

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