cozy up to somebody


1. become friendly or try to ingratiate yourself with somebody in order to obtain something






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cozy up to your boss

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The expression to 'cozy up to someone' means to be very friendly or nice to someone in order to gain their favour or to get an advantage. This expression is often used in a negative context. 

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  1. The politician was accused of cosying up to the dictator in order to secure a lucrative arms contract.
  2. Ryan seems to be trying to cozy up to the professor, he thinks he can get special treatment. 

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  1. Since it became known that I would be the person deciding who gets the promotion, I have noticed a few members of staff making attempts to cozy up to me.
  2. I invited the businessperson for an expensive dinner in the hope that if I cozied up to her enough, I could convince her to become a client.

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put (your) best foot forward

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