count (on) (me/it)


1. be confident or assured of an outcome






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you can count on me/it

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If you 'count on' someone or something you rely on it and trust it."You can count on this car, it never breaks down." If you say 'you can count on me' you are assuring the other person you are capable and reliable for the task at hand. "I will make sure the delivery gets there on time, you can count on me." If you say 'you can count on it' you are confident of an outcome. "It will rain later today, you can count on it." These are all popular phrases you will hear in social and business contexts.

Check Icon Social Examples (Basic)

  1. You can count on me, the captain said to his team before the match.
  2. We can't count on the police to protect us, said the protesters.
  3. Man: So, will you be there tomorrow? Woman: Oh, definitely, you can count on it.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Basic)

  1. The market will crash in the next year or two, you can count on it.
  2. You can count on Maik to finalise the sale he is our best performing salesman.

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