1. sth that is useful, easy or suitable for a particular purpose






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the location/timing is convenient

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Something described as 'convenient' is trouble-free and requires little effort. A 'convenient' time, for example, is a time that fits in well with your other plans and arrangements. "Saving credit card details makes online shopping more convenient for customers." Something which is 'convenient' might also make access easier. "The new motorway is so convenient for travelling south." This is a popular adjective used in social and professional situations. Synonyms include 'fitting', 'suitable' and 'time-saving'.

Check Icon Social Examples (Basic)

  1. The location of the hotel was convenient for exploring the city.
  2. The timing of the wedding and festival was convenient for John as he could attend both.
  3. It was a really convenient device, as it had a lot of different uses.
  4. It was more out of convenience that he chose to get the bus that day. He didn't want to cycle with a heavy bag.
  5. The recycling centre was conveniently situated at the back of the apartment block.

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  1. It would be convenient for me to meet you while I am in Budapest at the end of the month. Would that suit you?
  2. Is it convenient for everyone to meet quickly for coffee at 12:30?
  3. We found that this new software system is a much more convenient way to process orders.

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