1. give up on something, or admit that sth is true






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concede defeat

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‘To concede’ is to relinquish or stand down or give up something. To concede can mean to admit that something is true after originally denying it. If you concede something it can mean to admit defeat or to give up something such as a right, possession or privilege. This is a very formal verb used generally in professional scenarios. You might concede your seat on a board, concede that someone else was correct or concede something in negotiations. Similar in meaning to ‘relinquish’ ‘to admit’ or ‘to give up’. 

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  1. The candidate conceded the election after the polling stations closed.
  2. The retreating army conceded defeat to avoid further losses.

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  1. concede that my projections for this season were wrong but I have been working on how to refine the way in which I calculate projections going forward.
  2. Barry has had to concede his position on the committee due to ongoing illness.

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