(come) full circle


1. return to where you began or to an original state of affairs






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my career has come full circle

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When something is said to 'come full circle' it refers to ending in a position which is similar to or the same as a previous one or a complete reversal of an original position. This expression is usually used to say that nothing substantial has changed since you started. Similar in meaning to 'be back where we started'.

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  1. Flat caps and brogues are very popular these days. It seems that fashion has come full circle.
  2. After all the extra tuition and classes, I still failed the exam. I have come full circle and am no better off.

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  1. The design of the product has come full circle. Even after trying out a lot of different options, we've ended up going for the original design.
  2. I was in accounting at the start of my career before I left to become a teacher. Now I've returned to accounting again, so my career has come full circle.

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