check out/check-out


1. to look at or examine sb or sth






Check Icon How to Memorize

let's check out the movie/house/car

Check Icon Analysis

The phrasal verb 'check out' means to pay your bill so you can leave a hotel, club or private hospital: "I'd like to check out, please." It can also mean to prove something is true or correct: "Your story doesn't check out." "We went over the data and the theory seems to check out." You might use it to describe the process of examining something to ensure it is satisfactory: "Let's check out the spa area."  "Could I plug in the games console before I buy it, to check out if it's working correctly?" As a noun, 'check-out' is the part of the supermarket or the process in a shop where you pay for your goods: "Can you wait for me at the check-out?" Or the process involved in leaving a hotel or hospital: "You will receive your bill on check-out." You can hear this used in social and professional contexts.

Check Icon Social Examples (Basic)

  1. The children wanted to check out the swimming pool as soon as we arrived at the villa.
  2. Let's check out the new Tom Hanks movie. It looks like it might be good!
  3. The boss wanted to check out the applicant's previous work before agreeing to an interview.
  4. Hey Karl, check out that car over there. It must be worth at least €100,000!

Check Icon Professional Examples (Basic)

  1. Check it out, Chris! This month's sales numbers have just come in and Sandra is top for the fifth time in a row! That must be some kind of record.
  2. Check this out - I just heard from our supplier and they said they can't deliver the goods until next week. What should we do in the meantime?

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