cap off something


1. conclude something in a particularly good or bad way






Check Icon How to Memorize

cap off the meeting with a statement/final thought/proposal

Check Icon Analysis

To ‘cap off’ something means to conclude or finish something. You might ‘cap off’ a conference with a final address. You could ‘cap off’ a night out with something nice to drink. ‘To cap it all off’ can be used to preclude something final in a list, for example, “I had the worst day in work, my computer crashed, I lost all my work, I had to stay late and to cap it all off when I got to my car the battery was dead.” This is a phrase you will often hear in business contexts at the end of meetings and presentations..

Check Icon Social Examples (Advance)

  1. There's nothing like coffee with a slice of chocolate cake for capping off a delicious meal. They go together perfectly. 
  2. Why don't we go to a bar and cap off our night with a drink?

Check Icon Professional Examples (Basic)

  1. I wanted to cap off the meeting in a positive way, so I wished everyone a happy Christmas and handed out gifts. The gesture went down very well. 
  2. My day at the office was a disaster already, but the fire alarm going off at the end really capped it off. What a nightmare!

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