calm down


1. relax; become less active






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need to calm down

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To 'calm down' is the process of becoming more relaxed or less emotional. This is a phrasal verb usually used for encouraging others to behave in a less emotional way. You can ask other people to calm down or inform them that you need time to become calmer. This is a popular phrasal verb you will hear used in social and professional situations. Phrases with a similar meaning include 'relax' 'remain calm' and 'don't lose the head.

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  1. You need to calm down before you have a heart attack. Everything will be fine.
  2. Just to be safe, let's wait for the river to calm down before we cross it.

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  1. I can tell you are extremely passionate about this project maybe we should take a break to calm downbefore discussing this further.
  2. Maria is very hotheaded I wish she would calm down then she'd be much easier to work with.

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