bring my A-game


1. perform to the best of your ability






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bring your A-game to impress/succeed

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The expression 'bring your A-game' comes from athletics and sports. This expression is used to encourage an athlete or competitor to arrive in the best condition possible and with a great attitude determined to win. This expression is now used in other contexts for the same reason. "I expect everyone to arrive with their A-game tomorrow morning. We need to win over this client."

Check Icon Social Examples (Basic)

  1. On the eve of the cup final, the coach spoke to his players and told them that they would need to bring their A-game if the team were to have any chance of winning.
  2. I knew that bringing my A-game to the job interview would be vital if I was to convince my prospective employers that I was the right person for the role, but unfortunately I wasn't on the ball that day and so I didn't get the job.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Basic)

  1. Alex spoke well at the sales pitch, but Jane really brought her A-game and impressed the potential clients with her passion, knowledge and drive.
  2. I had very high hopes for that applicant so I'm disappointed that they didn't bring their 'A-game' to the interview.

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