1. an intensive period of thought to come up with an idea(s) or solution(s)






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have a brainstorming session

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'To brainstorm' (verb) is to hold a discussion or meeting in order to produce ideas or approaches to a problem. As a noun, it can be used to describe this type of meeting 'to have a brainstorm'.

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  1. I sat with a pen and a bit of paper to brainstorm some ideas for my next article. Doing so always helps me focus my mind on the task at hand.
  2. When I have an essay to write I usually spend twenty minutes or so brainstorming ideas before I start writing.

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  1. The company had its employees take part in a brainstorming session to think up some new designs for their brand.
  2. We like to dedicate some time each week to brainstorm new ideas with each other in the boardroom.

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