blow up in your face


1. have unexpected negative repercussions/consequences






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plans can blow up in your face

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Something which 'blows up in your face' is an unexpected negative result of something you did (usually with good intention). For example, if you spent a long time saving money and kept it somewhere in your home, only to find out it was robbed you might say that saving the money 'blew up in your face'. This is a casual expression more suited to informal situations. Similar meaning to 'backfire'.

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  1. The lie blew up in my face because I told too many people a different story.
  2. Be careful, all your scheming might just blow up in your face.

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  1. Everything had been going so well with the new marketing campaign, until one day the risks the company took blew up in their faces and they ended up in court.
  2. I referred Maria for the job and now she is performing badly on my team it has blown up in my face.

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