blend in


1. literal:  to mix gradually. figurative:  to remain unnoticed or camouflaged






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blend in with the crowd

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The phrasal verb 'blend in' means to be similar to the objects, people, buildings or social constructs around them. Someone who 'blends in' conforms to what is expected. To 'blend in' is the opposite of 'to stand out'. This can have a positive or negative connotation 'blending in' can be a necessary part of being accepted or it can mean something or someone is boring and predictable.

Check Icon Social Examples (Basic)

  1. Try to blend in with the crowd so you'll be hard to spot.
  2. I didn't like attention so I always tried to blend in with everyone else.
  3. You have to blend in your eyeshadow so it doesn't look so sharp.
  4. I dipped my paintbrush in a bit of water to better blend in the two colours on the canvas.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Basic)

  1. Most of our employees have been working here for a number of years so it might take a while for you to bend in.
  2. When attending a conference it can be better to wear something that stands out so people remember you rather than trying to blend in.

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