1. specific opinion directed towards a fixed judgement






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clear/strong/heavy bias for/against, unbiased approach/opinion

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A 'bias' is a prejudice towards an individual or a group of people which is considered to be unjust. A bias can be conscious or unconscious (i.e. you do or do not know). This is an expression used often in scientific studies or psychological studies where bias is undesirable. Similar in meaning to 'partiality' and 'prejudice'.

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  1. It's important to maintain an unbiased approach to your research if you want to remain neutral.
  2. The article revealed that the writer was heavily biased against ethnic minorities.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Basic)

  1. Your proposal reveals that you have a strong bias for our specific product line. This could be misleading for our clients, who would like the opportunity to market their products instead.
  2. We use software during hiring which helps us eliminate any unconscious bias during the selection process.

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