bear(s) (all) the hallmark(s)


1. display all the usual characteristics of someone/something






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bears all the hallmarks of a terrorist attack

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A 'hallmark' (noun) is a typical feature of something, so to 'bear the hallmark' of something means to have evidence of typical characteristics or features of something: "This bears all the hallmarks of a painting from the Renaissance period." This is a term you will hear more in academic circles or formal situations. Similar in meaning to 'bear the mark of' or 'has the features of.' 'Bear' is an irregular verb meaning to wear or display a. visible mark or feature, and the past tense is 'bore'.

Check Icon Social Examples (Advance)

  1. The explosions all around the city seemed coordinated to cause maximum damage. They bore all the hallmarks of a terrorist attack.
  2. With her backpack stacked with textbooks, she bears the hallmark of a student

Check Icon Professional Examples (Basic)

  1. Our sales are down due to a rival product outselling ours. This bears all the hallmarks of our closest competitors.
  2. Customers reactions to the simplistic packaging were that it bears all the hallmarks of an eco-friendly product with simple ingredients.

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