1. fill the position left by a departing employee






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backfill a position after someone leaves the company

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This is usually used in the context of recruitment. When a recruitment company has to find another employee to replace someone they had previously placed in the role it is referred to as 'backfilling'. To backfill means to replace workers after jobs have become available. In the construction industry, 'backfill' is when material that was first dug out of a hole is then returned or replaced to fill it up again. This term is also used in Archaeology. So, in the business world, you can see the analogy - a vacancy is left by the person who leaves, and it has to be filled.

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  1. The company backfilled Helen's position after her contract was terminated.
  2. The recruitment firm moved quickly to backfill the recently vacated position at the company so that they could earn a bonus on top of their commission. 

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  1. When the workers failed to backfill the trench they dug it caused a huge amount of flooding when it rained.
  2. There is a huge company hiring nearby. The need to backfill a number of positions.

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