back in (my/the) day


1. looking back to an idealized memory of the past






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better back in my/the day

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This phrase is usually used by an older person speaking to much younger people about how things were in the past. This phrase is a substitution for 'when I was young' or 'when I was in my prime.' It can be used to complain or show regret for how things have changed since a time in the past. It could be used in social or professional situations: "Back in my day, we all walked to school." "Back in my day workers would stay in the office for as long as it took to get the project finished."

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  1. Back in the day, we didn't have fancy computers as we have now.
  2. Back in my day, kids used to play outside instead of indoors all the time.
  3. "Back in my day, you could buy a house for £5000," said the grandfather to his grandchildren.
  4. "In my day, women were not encouraged to go to university," said the woman during her speech at the conference.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Basic)

  1. I hate working on a Bank Holiday. Back in the day, shops weren't even open on Bank Holidays!
  2. These arguments in the workplace can't continue. Back in my day, you would have been fired for talking to your boss like that!

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