an awful lot of


1. a very large amount of, perhaps too much of






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an awful lot of money/convincing/mosquitoes

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The phrase 'an awful lot of something' means a large amount of something, usually an excessive amount. This phrase has a negative connotation and is usually used to complain about the amount or quantity of something. "There was an awful lot of noise last night. I found it difficult to sleep." "An awful lot of microplastics end up in our drinking water." It can sometimes be used in positive situations. "I have an awful lot to learn from you." "You know an awful lot about astrology." Similar in meaning to: a gross amount, a huge amount, a terrible amount. This is more of a casual expression but it can be used in professional conversations also.

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  1. There were an awful lot of mosquitoes when we went camping.
  2. We had to do an awful lot of convincing to get them to agree.
  3. I can't afford to go to University. It costs an awful lot of money!

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  1. There are an awful lot of points to discuss in this meeting so it's going to take a bit of time to get through everything.
  2. The client gave us an awful lot of feedback but on the whole, it was a constructive meeting.

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