(another) notch (in/on) your belt


1. a notable success or achievement






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that promotion would be another notch in your belt

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This expression is not usually used when referring to one, singular success or achievement. The idea of notches on a belt indicates a successive line, so, in this context, the success or achievement in question is usually one of a string of others. That is why it is often used in a professional setting. You need to have notches on your belt to have a good CV, for example. In a social context, it only tends to be used in relation to some form of direct competition, such as in sport. It is similar to the phrase 'another string to your bow.'

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  1. Beating that player was quite a big notch in my belt. He was ranked much higher than me.

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  1. You should definitely take that opportunity to gain work experience at that company. Your CV is already good, but that would be another notch on your belt.
  2. Getting that deal over the line was another notch in Sandra's belt. I think she's going straight to the top.

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