an eye for detail


1. ability to detect small mistakes/elements that are easily missed






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an excellent eye for detail

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Someone who has 'an eye for detail' notices small things that others might be inclined to neglect or miss. This is an idiomatic expression with a positive connotation - you will often see this idiom used in CVs. This can be used in professional or social contexts. Similar expressions include 'scrupulous' and 'fastidious'.

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  1. The editor hired the intern because he had an excellent eye for detail.
  2. No matter how well we tidy the house my mother will now we had a party, she's like a detective, she has an eye for detail.

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  1. In banking, you must have an eye for detail as just one number out of place can have huge consequences.
  2. Tommy has a great overall vision but he lacks an eye for detail.

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