all that effort for nothing


1. trying hard to achieve something but with no results






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put in all that effort for nothing

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This expression is used to express dismay or regret over a huge amount of effort or resources being directed towards something that eventually yielded very few results: "I can't believe the sale fell through - all that effort for nothing!" This can be used in professional and social contexts. Similar expressions include 'all our efforts were in vain' and 'we have nothing to show for it'.

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  1. When the pie came out of the oven burnt, the baker thought "All that effort for nothing".
  2. After staying up all night to study, the students put in all that effort for nothing because the exam was cancelled.

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  1. The Marketing campaign was all set to run, but the product still didn't work. The Marketing team had put in all that effort for nothing.
  2. The event was a complete failure. The directions on the invitation were wrong and only a quarter of the people we expected turned up. All that effort for nothing.

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