all (day/week) long


1. lasting the full day/week






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busy/working/playing all day long

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If something occurs 'all week or day-long', it means it has been happening for the duration of the week or the entire day. This expression is usually a form of hyperbole or exaggeration and used to emphasise the duration of an event or behaviour: "The baby has been crying all day long." "My neighbour's house alarm has been going off all week long. It's driving us crazy!" This is a common expression usually used in social scenarios, but it could be used in professional contexts: "The internet has been down all day long." "That client has been calling all week long."

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  1. My daughter would be on her Xbox all day long if she could.
  2. I want a job where I don't have to do the same thing all day long.

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  1. Danielle is attending a conference in the states so she will be out of the office all week long.
  2. I am working to a very tight deadline so it's likely I won't be able to help you with anything else all week long.

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