ad nauseam


1. a term meaning that sth has been repeated so often it has become annoying






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sth is repeated ad nauseam

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'Ad nauseam' is a Latin phrase meaning to do something repeatedly over time so that it becomes boring or irritating: "My life at the moment is just study, work, repeat ad nauseam." "These marketing campaigns are all the same - the same characters, the same close-up shots of the product ad nauseam. We need something radically different." This is an expression used in social and professional contexts but might be more common in formal conversations.

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  1. The student repeated her equations ad nauseam before sitting the mathematics exam.
  2. Karen never stops complaining, she just goes on and on ad nauseam. I'm tired of listening to her.

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  1. The marketing campaign was discussed ad nauseam in the run-up to the launch. We were sick of talking about it!
  2. The client repeated themselves several times ad nauseam, it was such a waste of time.

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