to action (something)


1. put something into effect






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the manager decided to action the proposal

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When using the word 'action' as a verb, you are talking about enacting, carrying out, or making something happen. It is normally used when suggestions or proposals have been made about how to do something, especially if changes or policies have been planned and it is now time to put them into place and make them real. You can 'action a proposal', or 'action someone's recommendations', for example. You are more likely to hear this used in a professional context.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Advance)

  1. In the meeting, Sarah explained her method of increasing staff productivity. Her manager was so impressed that he agreed to action her proposal as soon as possible.
  2. After reviewing Peter's report, the CEO stated that a number of his conclusions and recommendations could be actioned straight away, but others were simply not feasible.

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