a (good) hiding


1. a beating, beaten up, attacked/assaulted






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he got a good hiding when they caught up with him

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This is a colloquial expression used to describe violence or a beating given, usually in a family context or given by someone you know. Corporal punishment was the norm in Ireland and the UK in the past, both at home and in the education system - but nowadays it is illegal. The situations where you might have used this expression in the past have diminished: "He got a good hiding from his father when he was found smoking at school." Sometimes, it is used to describe being 'beaten' in a figurative sense, such as in a sports event: "The blues got a good hiding in the match on Sunday." This is a very localised expression you will only hear in informal contexts.

Check Icon Social Examples (Basic)

  1. When we were young, our Dad would give us a good hiding when we were bold.
  2. The girl's brothers found him and gave him a good hiding for hurting their sister.
  3. When I was young you could get a good hiding if you disrespected the teachers or forgot your homework.

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