a (bad/sorry) (way/state/situation)


1. in bad or poor condition (physically or emotionally)






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a bad state of mind, he/she was in a bad way/sorry state

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 If something is in a 'bad way'; a 'bad state'; or a 'bad situation', its condition is not good. It might be an object in need of repair, a situation that needs addressing or a person who is struggling in some way: "The garden is in a bad state. I must clean it up at the weekend." "I saw your brother on the street. He looked like he was in a bad state after the accident." "This is a bad situation but we have a few options at this stage." A 'sorry state' or 'a sorry situation' refers to situations or conditions that are regrettable and possibly could have been avoided: "It's awful to see that house in such a sorry state since Mrs. Hu died." "We are in the sorry situation of having to cancel our contract with you after being let down so many times." We would usually use 'bad' to collocate with these words (way/state/situation) but you might hear 'sorry' used in spoken or written English as a more emotional expression or to emphasise the emotions involved.

Check Icon Social Examples (Basic)

  1. After everything she went through, it was no surprise she was in a bad state of mind.
  2. We didn't realize he was in such a bad state until we visited him at the hospital.
  3. Tom was in a very bad way following the break-up with his girlfriend.
  4. My Dad has been in a bad way ever since he was made redundant.

Check Icon Social Examples (Advance)

  1. Michael was in a sorry state following the loss of his job.
  2. A lot of people say that the country is in a sorry state since this new government took over.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Basic)

  1. The economy has been in a bad way since 'the crash', but it's gradually improving. I think things might be looking up.
  2. The company has been in a sorry state ever since their last CEO left.
  3. Our accounts are in a sorry state. Our profits are decreasing.

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