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retribution - revenge

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The formal word ‘retribution’ refers to the act of taking revenge on somebody for something harmful they have done to you. Unlike some of its synonyms, this term implies that the act may not be justified, or, at the very least, may not be carried out by an official authority. Vigilantes are more likely to deliver retribution than the police, for example.

Synonyms reckoning,restitution
Antonyms amnesty

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  1. People in the town were so outraged that the murder suspect was released without charge that he had to flee the area in case he was attacked by those seeking retribution.

  2. There were celebrations in the country after the dictator’s death. Many saw it as divine retribution for his years of tyrannical rule.

  3. Liam did not want to testify against the gang in court because he feared retribution for him and his family if he did so.

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